MiB Welcomes Our First Intern: Read His Story

Made in Brownsville is proud to welcome our first intern. His name is Mohammed  Miah. He comes to us thanks to the Opportunity Network. He authored the piece below. 

I am a fellow in the Opportunity Network program which stays with me and others for six intensive years with a mission to help us to succeed in the modern world by connecting us to “career opportunities, professional networks, and competitive colleges.” Through helping us understand the importance of developing professional relationships and exploring the many different fields within which opportunities exist, they provide a step up for those who simply don’t have access to the many resources privileged individuals succeed with.  In fact, they helped me to find and land this internship at Made in Brownsville.

Recently, I  graduated from Aviation High School and I am headed for college this fall with the intent to study mechanical engineering. Most of the technical knowledge I gathered thus far was built from my dedication to aeronautical science, which high school only furthered. From attending multiple engineering classes throughout my past four educational years I gained a plethora of skills primarily by working with aircraft and their multiple parts.

It’s not hard to miss that my future is set on engineering, however, before I take the big steps necessary to get there I wanted to branch out and get to know and understand what’s around me. For this reason I am beyond eager to work with Made in Brownsville, which will expose me to community and the importance of strongly uniting it, sustaining it, and strengthening it by addressing the daily issues that especially the youth have to overcome.

On my first day as an intern with MiB, I had the task of exploring 3D printing technology and currently I’m working to understand how exactly it works by researching all of the printer’s functioning parts.  It was further explained that MiB is working to purchase one of these cutting edge devices and connect it to youth artists and others within the community and help them potentially develop a passion, which may bloom out to careers.

Not surprisingly, this is only a small part of a project plan developed by MiB. As an intern I am looking forward to participating in their photovoice project, helping to bring light to some distinguished opinions throughout the community. I’m also looking forward to learning how to 3D model with Google Sketchup and produce developable objects. However, what I plan above all for this summer is to pass on the support by giving a hand to the underprivileged just as it was given to me.


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