Helping Hands are Not That Far From Us

Authored by MiB intern, Mohammed Miah 

Recently, I have begun work on 3D modeling by using Google Sketchup, a computer assisted modeling system. From previous experience on various modeling programs such as CAD and with help from Quardean, I was able to make a precise 3D, digital replica of a symbolic sketch that I composed. The sketch consisted of a bowl of fruits on top of a large pillar, enclosed by an iron gate wall. The meaning of this work is that in reality  to reach the fruits of life you must stand for a second and think because the keys to the gates are just beyond your feet, and  the gates are in fact ajar.

After finishing up the project, Quardean invited me to come to a session held by Significance Labs. At the session, four groups of presenters advertised their projects which they have developed at Significance Labs with the general idea to provide technological aid to low income Americans. It was very exciting to be there and listen to what these individuals created, because they provided real world solutions to some of the most difficult problems those of us that are underprivileged have to face. For instance one project involved digital/mobile assistance with the SNAP process, or applying for food-stamps that 21% of residents in NYC rely on. These were just eye openers and reminded me that there are many of us that are trying to help out.



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