MiB Welcomes Our First Youth Junior Designer, Quaming Boatwright

This week is a big one for Made in Brownsville and one young man that has worked really hard to get here. Brownsville resident, artist and poet, Quaming Boatwright has been involved with MiB off and on for the past year but Monday he officially become a part of the team as our first Junior Designer.

We first met Quaming or Q (20) in April of 2014. He was involved in a Young Adult Entrepreneurship Program (YAEP) for court-involved youth run by our partners, Brownsville Community Justice Center. MiB provided creative workshops for the YAEP cohort to brand their anti-violence themed apparel and product brand. Q had a history of tattooing and creating custom tees for his friends and family using fabric paint. He then went on to study graphic design in a program at Medgar Evers College. During our Launch and Fashion show last November, Quaming, in addition to modeling the fashions, filled an unanticipated void in our program by stepping up and reading some of his poetry for the crowd and sharing kind words about how programs like BCJC and MiB are inspiring and helping him and the community.

Slam poetry by Quaming, @antiviolenceproject alum at @mgbpops! Come check it out! @madeinbville

A photo posted by A Brownsville Based Initiative (@antiviolenceproject) on

This year, Q and the other YAEP alums went to Columbia Start Up Lab to pitch their individual business ideas to a room full of entrepreneurs. Q wants to open a creative service agency. Most recently, he was enrolled in a six-week Advertising Design Studio with MiB through BCJC. After seeing some of his work and his dedication to developing his craft, it was clear that he needed to be with MiB.

Q’s first day on the job was Monday and he dived right in with a logo design project for Farrah and her new business, Simply Living Organizing . With a client review Tuesday afternoon, Q had a short window of time—about 8 hours—to turn around some design samples for Farrah. He only had experience with Adobe Photoshop but that was no limitation for this bright young man. With a few pointers from our Director, Quardean—the other Q—Quaming quickly learned several skills in Adobe Illustrator such as character tracking, pen tools, and using gradient so 2D objects can appear 3D (see gallery image). 

One of the most rewarding parts of the first day was when we set up his email signature. Quaming said,

“I never had [an email signature] before. I feel like a real business man.”

He’s definitely going to freak out when his business cards arrive next week.

We want to welcome Quaming officially to the MiB team. Join us in doing this by leaving a comment below for him and sharing. Let us know if you have a design project you would like him to take on for you at contact@madeinbrownsville.org or message him directly at quaming@madeinbrownsville.org.


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