Youth from Marcus Garvey Village Present Their Designs for the Future of MGV to its Architect, Kenneth Frampton

Youth in the Brownsville Community Justice Center participated in a 12 week urban design studio in which they were able to analyze their neighborhood and make spacial and programmatic recommendations. The group of 15 was composed of Marcus Garvey Village residents. They created maps and diagrams around perceptions of safety and utilization of space over time. They used these tools to inform a proposal for the temporary activation of a parking lot in Marcus Garvey Village. Midway through the program, they visited Columbia University, went to Avery Library, and collaborated with Urban Design students as neighborhood experts to inform the UD students proposals for space in Brownsville.

At the end of the program, participants presented their ideas to their Resident Association as well as to Professor Kenneth Frampton at Columbia University, one of the architects that designed Marcus Garvey Village 40 years ago.
This studio is a part of the Brownsville Entourage Project, a collaboration between Made in Brownsville and Brownsville Community Justice Center. It was also sponsored, in part, by the Brooklyn Arts Council and New York City Department of Cultural Affairs. Special thanks to Kaja Kuhl, Tricia Martin, and Kenneth Frampton at Columbia University.


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