Brownsville Bikes by Darius McCray, 11




50% of photo sales goes directly to the photographer. 

Part of a citywide asset mapping project, participants in our Photography Studio took an entrepreneurial approach to their project and treated it as a startup. Ten 11 to 16 year olds created a business that connects residents to small, local community-oriented businesses that might be hard to find using conventional methods like the internet.

In doing their market research for their startup, participants determined the target market by identifying the target user that they would like to appeal to: a socially conscious, young professional who is new to Brownsville and interested in supporting local businesses.

With the goal of increasing visibility and foot traffic of businesses that support the community, participants photographed businesses they identified giving a glimpse into the spaces that strengthen Brownsville and provide it with character. This collection of photos was exhibited at Carnegie Hall, showcasing the work of the entrepreneurial participants who will undoubtedly be some of Brownsville’s future business leaders.

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6H x 4W ($5), No Frame, 6H x 4W ($5), With Frame (+$10), 18H x 24W ($60), No Frame, 18H x 24W ($60), With Frame (+$10), 6H x 4W ($5), No Frame, 6H x 4W ($5), With Frame (+$10), 18H x 24W ($60), No Frame


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